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Video Testimonials for Your Website via Smartphone App

VAPPSY makes it EASY for your customers to say AWESOME things about you so the whole world knows how GREAT you are. Your customers download the app for free, record, then upload, their glowing recommendation about you. You add VAPPSY's player to your website, like the one on the left, and the whole world can see and hear what people are saying about you.

Video testimonials below. Click VAPPCHAT to text me.

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A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

24/7 Must Have Sales Tool.

VAPPSY is all about satisfied customers.

You may know your business inside and out, but you could never be as convincing to a would-be customer as a happy and satisfied customer can. Happy customers are your best sales people. Why not leverage their experience by letting them share it on your website? Even when you are not working, a video testimonial is, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Forrester Research reported that “adding a video to your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a visitor to a paying customer.” Now, imagine that the videos on your site were of happy, satisfied customers.

Who Should Use VAPPSY

Let's take a look at just a few...

Realtors use VAPPSY.


When you rely on referral business then it's important to give a real voice to previously satsified customers. 

Dentists use VAPPSY.


A smile can be your best asset. Imagine preserving it in video forever. Customers will appreciate what others have to say. 

Lawyers use VAPPSY.


Happy clients can make choosing a lawyer in a difficult time much easier. Let others do the talking via VAPPSY.  

Chiropractors use VAPPSY.


A "crooked" back can result in an "honest" testimonial. Relieve someone's pain and they will sing your praises. 

MLMers use VAPPSY.


Sharing team member testimonials with new prospects is a step in the right direction to attracting members for your MLM.

Insurance Agents use VAPPSY.


We all need insurance so why should we buy from YOU? Happy customers can tell others why they should buy insurance from you.

Customer testimonials are important.
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BONUS - vappchat feature.

FREE VappChat! What is VappChat? VappChat allows website visitors to text chat with you, in real time, right to your mobile phone or tablet. 

Imagine a potential client watched some video testimonials that you are showing on your website using VAPPSY. They're excited and want to chat with you, right away. They simply click the VappChat link and begin a real time text conversation with you. You never have to lose another client because VAPPSY goes with you on your smartphone.

Don't miss this! When we release VAPPSY a lifetime license will sell for $197 before going to $497.

Leading up to the November 1st release, we will be offering lifetime licenses beginning at $97 and then increasing weekly as we near the release at which time a lifetime license will be $197.

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Earn 25% for direct sales.

Make Money by Telling Others! 

During our promotion, leading up to VAPPSY's release, you can earn 25% commissions for any referrals that buy VAPPSY's lifetime license.

Once you buy, you get your own referral link that you can advertise. You get notified of sales and you can track commissions in your back office. This is totally optional but you could ultimately acquire VAPPSY for free with a few referrals.

VAPPSY's deal buster price.

Lifetime License

$ 97 one time
  • Lifetime access to VAPPSY.
  • FREE VappChat.
  • Lifetime upgrades, FREE.
  • New add-ons, FREE.
  • BONUS - KwikiChat (lifetime license).

Do you have questions about VAPPSY or any of our products? Perhaps you want a presentation or demonstration. I would be happy to meet with you. Simply begin by clicking KwikiChat, from the side, and you'll be instantly connected with me, Rodney Brace. KwikiChat is another of our awesome tools that brings buyers and sellers together.

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